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The three memes I created all deal with etiquette of texting and are meant for young adults. The first meme is of my dear friend, Ellie, tripping over a concrete wall because she was too busy looking at her phone. The meme is a spin off of the Uncle Sam posters and he can actually be seen on her shirt. The second meme is the most interesting man in the world which is very popular. The text goes along with the pattern “I don’t always … but when I do.” The final meme is a classic one of the character Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. It also has a usual pattern that makes the meme funny and a familiar person will read it in his voice. These memes have an unintentional passive aggressive tone to them about people ignoring some basic etiquette of texting. They would most likely be shared to someone that seems to be a habitual offer. The last two memes take advantage of their popularity and in the first Ellie has a ridiculously funny face that I cannot help but laugh.


3 thoughts on “Memes

  1. The one about bumping into people while texting speaks to me a bit, possibly because it happens to me so often, but also probably because it is so similar to dealing with people texting and driving. I have to heavily resist the urge to yell at people to pay attention, partly because I don’t want to be rude, but also because I unfortunately fall into this habit on occasion too.


  2. I relate with these Memes in many ways. I cannot even go out with my friends without having someone make sure that there is at least one charger among us. When packing to go away for a weekend, phone chargers are more important than underwear now. No one ever forgets their charger when packing that is for sure. With this being said, lack of concentration in a conversation is harder to achieve from someone, because they will constantly look down at their phone and break eye contact.


  3. As soon as I finished reading all of the memes, I immediately knew the central theme of “texting etiquette.” Everyone most likely experienced these situations, whether it was someone around them or themselves. I would think that both younger and older generations could understand these memes. I am not familiar with the very first meme, but I was able to understand the text and the visual connection.


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