Live Tweeting

Cage Match live tweeting


FIRST Robotics competitions are usually very intense and exciting because you want to be the best team. This off-season event was very relaxed and gave me time to get to know some of my new students. Live tweeting helped advance those relationships with my students and I heard myself say, “Hold on. Let me tweet this!” I felt like I was on my phone most of the competition though which took away from watching some of the matches. After attending seven of these events they got boring, but looking back at my tweets they seem pretty fun still and I also have a great group of students. Live tweeting gave me the ability to show the world this young team from Terre Haute, Indiana. Unfortunately, not many people were tweeting at Cage Match so it lacked a dimension. Live tweeting would be more suitable for the world championship. But is missing matches worth live tweeting? Probably not because the matches move so fast and it takes me forever to make a new tweet. Twitter is a cool thing to have when you want to know first hand experience though.


4 thoughts on “Live Tweeting

  1. One thing that I really liked about your Storify was the use of videos. I think the videos make the Storify more interesting to read and really allow people to better understand what is going on at the event you attended.


  2. This is a great thing to live tweet! I did FIRST Robotics and high school and the events are really conducive to live tweeting because something is always happening. Our team Twitter account was set up so that it would automatically tweet the score of our match as it happened. Your use of pictures and videos really stands out too!


  3. I really love all of the videos and pictures included in your live-tweet. For twitter, this is probably the closest it gets to being there at the event! I definitely didn’t think of using other people’s reactions in my storfy like murrdadog mentioned.


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