Infographic Drafts

BE Jobs

1.  Biomedical engineers do not have as many job opportunities. It is a common misconception, I hope, among undergraduate biomedical engineers at Rose-Hulman that we it is difficult to find placement after graduation.

2.  It is supposed to show myself and other BEs there are really companies that want us.

3.  BE department and undergraduate students at Rose

4. Randy Olson wrote in Infographics Lie that most people respond better to images than plain text. Every year as a BE student we get told that we have the same amount opportunities as other majors.

5.  The two infographics I will use as examples are the world and origin of words (pg 3 and 26-27). The segmented circle will be good to show the percentage of BEs at Rose and also the placement percentage at the same time. The words one has a map showing their origin. I can use this to mark the cities with the most BE jobs.

6.  The percentage of job placement Rose BEs had in the last few years. The number of companies that attend the career fair for BEs and school percentage of BE to other majors.

How could I combine these two infographics to make it clean and not cluttered? Are there any other statistics that would help solve the misconception?


5 thoughts on “Infographic Drafts

  1. This is a great topic to research! I remember being told before I chose my own major that BEs do not have an easy time finding jobs and that I should consider this when making my choice…So that sucks. I would find some statistics on the quality of Rose-Hulman’s BE department compared to others, the regions around the country where our BE graduates have accepted jobs in addition to comparing the placement of BE graduates with other majors on campus.
    Ideas with the two infographics would be to use the circle/pie chart to depict information on the BE department within Rose-Hulman and compare to other schools. Then show regionally on the next infographic where jobs are being accepted by graduates and how that relates to Rose data and graduates. Also describing all of the important things BEs do for our world would be great.


  2. 1. Has all 8 pins complete.

    2. All pins were credible except the value penguin (may consider getting another pin in place of this).

    3. Included at least three scholarly sources

    4. Includes at least two sentences for each pin giving both the overview and what the pin’s information will be used for.


    1. All captions provide a good summary of the information. Try to improve the caption for talking about BE growth. I don’t feel like there is much missing from your information. I believe that with the sources you have, there is enough information to make a really informative infographic. The one thing to improve about the Bib board is to include another pin that would take the place of the source value penguin, since this is not a credible source to use.


  3. 1) The main take away from your infographic is that BE’s have the best job growth with the lowest unemployment rate. All the information seems legit but not sure it addresses there being jobs for BEs.
    2) All the graphs and map are clear and easy to read. They also have good descriptions of what they are trying to tell us.
    3)The map title was a little confusing at first but i think I was just being stupid. The other thing I might look into adding stats on the job placement of BEs from college or something.
    4) I actually really like the colors and design of your infographic. The triangles might be a little loud for some but i like it.
    5) The first thing you can do is to label your pictures and give a slight description of them. Then the final thing i would address is to actually discuss the job placement of BEs. Overall though i really liked your infographic and it puts mine to shame.


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