BE Jobs


In the engineering world there is a huge misconception that there are not enough jobs for biomedical engineers. In fact, there are plenty of jobs for them and has the lowest unemployment rate of all of the engineering majors. The Rose-Hulman BE Class of 2014 proved this to be true by having a 100 percent placement in either industry or graduate school. In my infographic, the viewer can easily compare the job growth and unemployment rates with other majors. It also shows the percentage of placement and where the graduates moved to. I added a few sentences to give the viewer more information but I made them gray so the graphics stand out more. I really like the design of the infographic and how I used the colors to make certain elements stand out. I realized while working on my infographic that there is a science behind remixing and designing. It takes an understanding of how the human mind works to make a great infographic.


2 thoughts on “Infographic

  1. I really liked how you the title before each graph continues as a sentence to the next one. The graphs are very relevant and the colors of the overall infographic are great. Some things that I would like to see is the majors on each graph to be in the increasing/decreasing order by job growth/unemployment rate as right now it’s hard to see the order. Also some numbers on the green people picture can be useful so that the viewer doesn’t have to go through and count the green people and figure out the percentages.


  2. This is a really great infographic! The two charts at the bottom are my favorite because they provide simple information in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. The map shows the trend of where these jobs and graduate schools are located and that’s really interesting. Those facts about job growth and unemployment are impressive and informative. Good job!


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