The Best of the Best

My first pick for the best blogs is Read All This Text… *Gehron*. It has a very lively voice because I thought it was crazy that our brains trust pictures over text. That surprise and my light bulb moment followed into my post. I really like how the blog from Mark Smickilas explained this phenomenon simply and it corresponded well to Randy Olson’s article. The best part of the whole post was ending with an infographic by Travel Media that basically explained everything in six pictures. Putting the tell all infographic at the end of my post allows me to get a rise out of my readers. It drives home the point people are programmed to focus on pictures more than text and infographics really do work.

My second best blog is Is it confidence or fear? because I got to share my prospective of being a woman online. This post was more serious but it still engaged the reader by asking numerous questions throughout it. My take about gender disparities seen on certain websites was that maybe women are self-conscious. The Buzzfeed video explains very well how many women are treated online which is not very well. My blog post went farther into the topic of why women do not usually post to Wikipedia or Reddit. It is not all just disinterest but a fear of being harassed and that is also explain why women are more present on Pinterest.

My one of my best comments is on Madeline’s blog post, Fandoms and Technology, 114 B.T. This comment furthers the discussion of spreadability of Sherlock Holmes. It was a widely spread story and still is but not due to social media or the internet. It really amazed me to see the same principles being used way before the internet. I also mentioned that with the internet our chances of content spreading is greatly increased. If your blog has a certain tag Google will pull up your page if the tag is a keyword. This made some of my posts spread to different countries. I believe that I gave her post a new perspective.

My other comment is from Caitlin’s post, Intimacy in the Digital World. I used my comment to expand the conversation from Dylan’s comment. I took on the view that people are unpredictable and some cannot be trusted with private photos. Laws, I believe, will not be able to apply to sexting situation properly. I also tried to push the conversation farther by using the question, “What if the adult that received the image didn’t want it?” This question was meant to be thought provoking on laws and take on the perspective of a unconsenting adult.


One thought on “The Best of the Best

  1. Danielle,
    I could always count on your blog to bring in some interesting visual or video examples, and these posts exemplify that! I particularly enjoyed your Confidence or Fear post. It was a nice combination of personal reflection, response to our class, and new perspectives from the web. Good work!


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