21 and Invincible

Something Corporate said it best with their song, “21 and Invincible.” I am 21 and I probably won’t die any time soon. It just seems weird to think about what will happen if I’m wrong almost as if it is not normal for me to. I already know how my friends and family would reach in general with grief. What about my internet accounts? Would I still get emails about Amazon recommended items or the newest songs added to a Spotify playlist I liked? Would my Facebook page feel abandoned like an Old West ghost town? Well lucky for you some websites give you options almost like the advance directives for end of life care you might sign for your parents. Delete my account or make it a memorial, why would I want to do either Facebook? All those precious pictures laughing with my friends and videos of my nephew and I would delete it all. I think not! Why would I want to be memorialized? So people can see it and say, “Aw what a sad thing that this girl died so young.” Hell no! I don’t want people’s pity especially not after death. So this presents a real dilemma for me; one that I probably won’t take action on for a long time. Richard from the UK creating a morbidly amazing infographic detailing what will or can happen to most media accounts after death. Only 20% of adults have thought about what will happen to their online presence after death. So true and now I really don’t feel alone! Many websites will just deactivate your account after so much time of inactivity. But how do they know you are dead? What if you are climbing the mountains in the Himalayas for a year? Will your account be deactivated when you return?

Have you thought about your accounts after death? Or do you feel invincible?


2 thoughts on “21 and Invincible

  1. I feel like I won’t die soon, for sure. I think it just comes with being young and in a safe society. But I would need to think about what I would do with my accounts if I do die. Super serious.


  2. The infographic you shared has some really interesting statistics on it! Great find! You bring up some really interesting points about accounts other than Facebook and Twitter. I still get emails from things I haven’t accessed in a long time, so it would be interesting to see if that information would continue to be sent when I pass away.


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