Is it confidence or fear?

Women and men have a different way of thinking. Men are fast to act and not mindful of other’s opinions. Women are more cautious and take comments seriously. This can be seen heavily in Naom Cohen’s New York Times article about the gender disparities in contributors to Wikipedia. The article stated that barely 13% of the contributors are women. Whoa! Is this difference solely because women get in their own head?

On the other hand, Maeve Duggan from Pew Research Center suggests women have a large online presence but on different platforms. Women dominate Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Why do women like Pinterest, Instagram, and social media so much more than men?

I feel like this video from Buzzfeed shows the comments and actions women fear about contributing online. Some women are conditioned not to share their knowledge and experiences as a result of the harassment. I believe that women feel safer on Pinterest because it is a place to find and share ideas about outfits and recipes. Many of the pins are not commented on and are pinned over and over again. On Wikipedia, or especially Reddit, your ideas are picked apart. Men are a majority on websites like Reddit and YouTube. Why aren’t women?

We second guess. We over think. Today was my first Wikipedia edit and it was not fun. Writing a blog for someone else to read definitely not enjoyable. Why? I guess I am worried about sounding stupid or getting a bad comment on an idea. But why am I so worried about it? It’s not like I read my comments in depth. Still hundreds of questions flood my head while I post online. If a photo doesn’t get a like in a few days then I’ll take it down or I regret updating my Facebook I’ll delete my post. Do you have the same feelings? Do you delete unliked things on social media? Are bad comments something to fear or is it just confidence?


4 thoughts on “Is it confidence or fear?

  1. I always have a hard time sharing my thoughts as well. If what I have to say doesn’t add value in some way, then I don’t say it. If what I actually say mistakenly harms someone, I get really angry at myself for not realizing that would happen. I’m just never comfortable speaking my mind. I don’t know. Which article did you edit?


  2. I definitely understand what you mean by being concerned with what other people have to say. Even though there’s this curtain that provides some anonymity, there’s the fear of having someone rip apart your own thoughts or ideas. People are flat out mean on the Internet! As for this being more of a problem for women, I couldn’t tell you. However, I know from personal experience that women in project groups seem to be more quite when there is an overwhelming majority of men team members. I think it just comes down to, men want their ideas known regardless of what that idea may be whereas women tend to think through what they want to say before they say it. For women, do you think that there will ever come a time where there will be less of a gap between men and women editing the web?


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