Luck or a science?

In class we discussed the reasons why things spread by looking at an article by Maria Konnikova. She suggests that they spread due to emotions, social currency, arousal, memories, practical value and story quality. This might work for some things but what about YouTube? 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You … More Luck or a science?

21 and Invincible

Something Corporate said it best with their song, “21 and Invincible.” I am 21 and I probably won’t die any time soon. It just seems weird to think about what will happen if I’m wrong almost as if it is not normal for me to. I already know how my friends and family would reach in … More 21 and Invincible

Sticks and stones

The internet — what a great and useful tool! It connects people across the world and stores much of the world’s knowledge. Even while the internet is so amazing it does have a downfall, Humans. They are complex and unpredictable creatures that can take advantage of the good qualities of the internet and turn into a … More Sticks and stones