Gehron Up Addicted

Technology is everywhere and most of the time it cannot be avoided. Computers have always been in my life ever since I can remember. My dad used to have this chunky, off white desktop that only used green pixels on a black background. I remember the day when my parents and oldest sister got the first cellphones in the family when she went off to college. Then four years later I got my own. I spent the few days and years texting my friends about who knows what. It never left my side even while I was working my high school job at Cold Stone Creamery. My phone was on the back table or the desk and I would constantly be checking it during the slow periods of my shift. I fell into the same trap as my peers; I was absolutely hooked!

Of course college is no different than high school. In fact, I feel like it has gotten worse because now I received my first laptop when I arrived to campus in the early Fall of 2013. Almost every day I make sure I have my laptop and phone and both are fully charged. Well at least enough charge to last the time I will be away from my room. At night, my phone lies on my bed right next to me and I spend an hour reading Buzzfeed articles, scrolling through Facebook and looking at Snapchat stories. Alone in public even for a few minutes, I did the same thing or pretended to text and check my emails. Emily Skorin said it best in her post , “My phone has become my safety blanket in social situations.” I cannot believe how dependent I am on technology! It makes sense now why I get an upset feeling when I don’t get that text that I’ve been waiting hours for. Just like the photo above the Snapchats, Facebook notifications, texts and emails are a drug. They are there to make you feel good and needed. Deborah Hersman’s article in the Huffington Post explained that the notifications make our brains release dopamine. She warns of the dangers of texting can have specifically while driving. We think we can multitask because “our addiction tells us we can.” Would we still have the same problem if cellphone were bricks? Is it getting worse since technology is more prevalent in elementary schools? Have you too Gehron (grown) up addicted?


2 thoughts on “Gehron Up Addicted

  1. I am extremely guilty of the multi-tasking myth. Often, I will have multiple screens set up: one with homework, one with ESPN, and of course my phone will be aimed at me so I can Netflix while I work. I feel that I am doing homework when I do this, when in reality I am mainly catching up on the NFL and my favorite episodes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.


  2. I as well am guilty of multi-tasking at times, but I try to draw a line. I have had to many close calls while doing something and my phone or computer got in the way. Luckily for all of us, our computers can’t hold a charge for more than 20 mins so we don’t really have the option of work on the go. As for phones or tablets, I just try my best to forget that it is in my pocket.


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